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Apostille Services in New York



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  • Standard Service: 4-7 business days 

Apostilles and Embassy Legalizations are essential for successful, hassle-free foreign transactions. leaves you worry-free by handling the whole process from start to finish regarding legalizing your U.S. documents. When you need an apostille, call us!

Learn What an Apostille Is

An apostille certifies U.S. documents for official, legal use in countries that have signed The Hague Convention Treaty of 1961. Having an apostille on your documents allows you to use them in any of the signatory countries. If the country you travel to is not a part of the Hague Convention, then refer to our services for Embassy Legalization.

Decide Your Needs

Our apostille services are valid for many different legal transactions. An apostille is required for transactions such as:

Obtaining Dual Citizenship

Birth certificates from the United States have to be apostilled so that they can be used in a foreign country. You will need to legalize your U.S birth certificate in the state where your document was issued if you want to obtain citizenship in a country besides the United States.

We can quicken this process and make it hassle-free. Just bring or mail your document and we will take care of the whole process.

Obtaining a Visa

If you are traveling to study or work abroad and need to apply for a visa, the entities in that country may ask you for an FBI background check.  We can help you obtain a Federal apostille for this or any Federal document. 

Officials in that country may also request to see your state police records and/or city criminal records. We can also help you obtain an apostille for any of these documents.

Getting Married in Another Country

Are you planning to marry abroad? If you are getting married in another country, the entities in that country may require you to apostille your U.S. birth certificate and/or a certificate of singleness (verifying you are able to marry).

If you are divorced, the officials in the country where you are marrying may ask you to get your divorce decree apostilled. We can help you apostille any of the documents needed for this process.

Studying or Working Abroad

To study abroad, continue your education, or work in another country, you will need to apostille your educational documents such as diplomas, transcripts, degrees, or certificates. These documents can be from an elementary school, middle school, high school, college, university, or trade school in the United States. 

We can help you get the apostille for any of the above-mentioned documents at the state of issuance.

Granting Power of Attorney

If you are granting a person in another country the authority to act on your behalf, you will need to have your power of attorney notarized and apostilled as well. We also have qualified notaries from the State of New York at both of our office locations if you have not notarized your documents yet.

After the notary is performed, we will take care of the apostille process as well so your power of attorney is not rejected abroad.

Retiring in Another Country

Are you planning to retire in another country? You might need to legalize, via the apostille, all or some of the following documents:

  • Social Security letter
  • FBI background check
  • Birth certificate or naturalization certificate
  • Retirement benefits letter
  • Income verification letter and/or IRS transcripts

We can help you obtain the apostille for any of these documents and others you may need.

Claiming Inheritance

To claim inheritance or property abroad, you may be asked to legalize the will that an executor left in your name. We can help you do so as long as you have the original document properly notarized and executed.

Registering a Marriage, Death, or Birth in Another Country

If you need to register a U.S. marriage, death, or birth certificate abroad, you will be required to legalize your certificate via an apostille from the state that it was issued. We can help you apostille your document properly and worry-free.

Registering Your Corporation or Doing Business Abroad

We take care of corporation documents as well. If your corporation needs to register its Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, certification letters, invoices, Power of Attorney, or IRS certifications, we can provide the necessary apostille services.

Having an apostille on your documents is the international equivalent of notarization. With an apostille, you now have official and legal documents in any of the countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

The apostille process can be complicated and a headache for individuals, which is why we handle everything. Simply bring or mail us your documents, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For New York documents, we offer two apostille services: Express Service, which processes documents in the same day or within 24 hours, and our Standard Service, which processes documents in 2–3 business days. For our Federal and Other States’ Services, our timeframe is 4–7 business days.

Prepare for your foreign travels by getting an apostille for all your documents today. Travel without worry with your documents officially prepared for foreign use. Contact us by phone at (844) 606-8719 or to get a quote online by clicking here.